Tax time is your time to drive at Mark’s Auto Sales

Mark’s Auto Sales is proud to have the Tax Max program back in force this year.  This is a great program that allows customers a chance to put more money down, and start off strong on their auto loan.
With the program, you can bring in your tax documents, and drive away with a vehicle.  If you are single with no dependents or if you are married with dependents Mark’s Auto Sales can file your return.  Be sure to bring in all necessary documentation including W-2s for all the jobs worked at this year, social security card for you, your dependents and spouse.
The computer system allows us to file your taxes.  Once it has processed and determined the amount of the return, the consumer can decide how much they would like to use for down payment with a refund anticipation loan.
Using tax money is a great way to get in a car loan.  The larger the down payment is, a shorter term may be available, and there can be a better flexibility with payment amounts.  If you’re planning to purchase in 2010, tax season may be your best option!
Mark’s Auto Sales is not only proud to have the Tax Max program available, but is also proud to be the home of the true buy here pay here financing and can approve when other lenders will not.  Find out for yourself at Mark’s Auto Sales.
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