The minivan in America

As defined by Wikipedia, “A multi-purpose vehicle (abbreviated MPV), minivan, people-carrier, people-mover or multi-utility vehicle (shortened MUV) is a type of automobile similar in shape to a van that is designed for personal use. Minivans are taller than a sedan, hatchback or a station wagon, and are designed for maximum interior room.”

In America, the minivan’s form has met function and many models are much more comfortable than ever before.  As the vehicle design changed over time, it became more suitable for larger teenage or adult passengers.  Due to the passenger space, it has also been coined as the vehicle for soccer moms as it fits a majority of their youth teams.  But no longer are mini-vans only suitable for juice drinking, happy meal consuming, pre adolescents.  As a passenger vehicle most minivans fit six to eight passengers.  Once difficult to enter the rear rows of seats with only one sliding passenger door, all of the current popular models including the Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan, Kia Sedona, Ford Windstar and Ford Freestar have dual sliding passenger doors.  Additionally on many models the narrow seat benches have been redesigned.  As most minivans are not filled to full capacity for its ordinary use, instead of a second row bench, many models have a captain seat option.  In some models there are no benches, and while the capacity is reduced by two, there is comfort for six adults in captain seats.  For comfort for rear passengers, more minivan models now offer wing windows in the back to increase air circulation.
Whether or not your passengers are young and old, options on newer models include passenger entertainment with DVD players, and personal headphones.  Additionally these entertainment items can be added after market on a used minivan that is not already equipped.
Additionally cargo capacity is a great option for other drivers.  With Dodge/Chrysler‘s stow and go cargo space, sporting equipment or groceries can easily fit in, despite full passenger capacity.  Cargo capacity is made easier in these models as the seats fold down into the floor.  No longer does it require two strong adults to lift out heavy bench seats on many models.
Minivans have become a more alluring vehicle to many American car shoppers with its improvements.  The passenger capacity beats almost all used mid sized SUVs–often SUV third row seating, can only fit a small child.
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