Frequently asked question: Why do you need to run my credit?

Some customers ask us, ‘if we finance bad credit, why must we pull their credit report?’

While the credit score itself does not disqualify a customer from getting a loan at Mark’s Auto Sales and the buy here pay here program, we still run the report for a couple of reasons.

It helps us verify who is applying for the car loan. We compare the residence history of the loan application with the residence history in the credit application.  This helps us prevent loan fraud.

Sometimes people with good credit have a round of bad luck. Maybe it’s a divorce, or medical bills, or something else.  We want to work with you to get a loan you can afford.  When we understand when and where your credit mishaps occurred we can work with you and your budget so your loan fits in your budget.

Maybe you think you have bad credit, but really it’s not as bad as you thought! Maybe it was bad but you’ve been working hard, and your FICO score has improved.  We may be able to find a bank or credit union loan for you.  They require your credit report to extend the loan.

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