Mark’s Auto Sales Customer Testimonials May 2017

I felt as comfortable as being home. Everybody was helpful, no one was pushy which is good because I really don’t like being pressured. Everything was up front with nothing unexpected. I would give your name to anybody who needed a good car. Theresa C.

Was a great experience, really knew what they were doing and talking about. They explained everything in detail. As my first time at a dealership it was awkward but I also felt comfortable  with my representative. Richard P.

You guys welcomed me with open arms and did everything in your power to get me financed. Very professional and friendly. A W.

I had an amazing experience, Mark’s Auto Sales was able to help me get in a car despite my credit. They were very nice and understanding with helping me stay in budget and get a down payment I could afford. They definitely go above and beyond to insure a great experience. Justine N.

He was helpful, understanding and I think he did a great job. Kevin B.

I have bought a lot of cars and this was the best experience I’ve ever had. Jennifer mad buying a car a pleasure. I will be back for sure! Thank you! Thank you! Doreen B.

To be honest, My first time buying a car and the experience with understanding the process and how they operate was a lot less confusing as I initially thought. Mike was very knowledgeable and helpful even when I felt like I was asking stupid questions.  I managed to get a brief education from Mike about the cars and details that pertain to how credit builds and understanding miles and other useful information that I have benefited from. Douglas G.

It was a good experience. We came in knowing we had bad credit and they helped us get into a car. I like that they also have a program where we can get another vehicle  when the time comes. Overall great experience. We are grateful.  Leslie H

The best experience! My first vehicle from here got totaled and Mark’s Auto got me back into another reliable vehicle quick and cheap. They worked really well with me and I am definitely referring this dealership. Brianna G.

My experience here at Mark’s Auto Sales was smooth. They helped me get into a car at a reasonable monthly payments that fit into my budget. I would defiantly recommend this company to others. Shawn Q.

Delightful. Mike has been very pleasant and helpful with this process this far and I appreciate everything he has done in terms of helping me get approved for the car. Ambros E.

Tommie was great and very helpful!! Cascy V.

Very helpful getting me into a great car. Excellent service. Vicki D.

He was very helpful. We didn’t think we were going to get into a vehicle but he got us into a car and it’s the car that we wanted. He answered all of our questions and he was really respectful. He helped us out with the payments and the insurance to make it cheap for us. Samantha G.

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