Safely install a Car Seat

According to 7 of 10 kids are using a car seat that is not properly installed.  As a parent you check safety recalls, protect your children from household chemicals under the sink, but is your car as safe as it can be when driving your kids?

First it is a good idea to read thru the safety tips, not only when you have a new baby, but as your child grows to make sure that you’re properly belting them in for each drive. When installing a car seat, know about the LATCH system.  As SeatCheck explains, “LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren. It is a system mandated by the federal government in an effort to standardize and simplify the installation of child restraints. Nearly all new vehicles and child safety seats manufactured on and after September 1, 2002 will be equipped with the LATCH system. Cars, minivans and light trucks will be required to have anchor points between the vehicle’s seat cushion and the seat back in at least two rear seating positions. Child safety seats will have tether straps or rigid connectors that hook into these anchors, thereby eliminating the need to secure the child safety seat to the vehicle using the vehicle’s seat belt system.”

There is another helpful site for Colorado residents to read about car seat installation and having children as passengers in your vehicle. After a car accident you may need to consider purchasing a new car seat.  Read about replacing a car seat after an accident. There are a variety of great and convertible car seats available to purchase.  You can choose one that is not only safe but is functional too!

If your car seat does not have the LATCH system, you can still use the seat belt to properly anchor the carseat.  If your child has grown out of a car seat but now needs a booster seat, the installation will likely not have the LATCH system, be sure to ready the directions on the specific seat.
If you have a car in Lakewood Colorado and are needing help with your car seat installation, you can set an appointment to have your car seat properly installed at the fire department.We hope this information is helpful to you and your family!

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