6 Facts About Your Car’s Air Conditioning

cyberscooty-cartoon-carWith the weather starting to warm up, you are going to be using your air conditioning more. Here are a few facts you should know about your vehicles air conditioning system.

1) Odd Smells- when the air conditioning system is used infrequently, bacteria, mold and fungi may start growing. These smells can cause headaches and flu like symptoms.

2) Not Very Cold- If your car doesn’t get very cold when you use the air conditioning, then your system may need servicing.

3) Run your air conditioning all year round- This well help maintain the system because it well keep it lubricated and leak proof.

4) Strange noises- If your air conditioning suddenly starts making noises you should get it check out immediately. Some noises could be early symptoms of a compressor failure.

5) Puddle of water forming under the car. If you see a puddle of water forming under the car after using the A/C don’t worry. This is a normal feature of the system as it is only water dripping from the air conditioning evaporator.

6) Excessive moisture inside the car- This can be fix very easily and is inexpensive. This happens when the evaporator may become blocked or detached allowing the condensation to build up inside the evaporator.

You should have your air conditioning serviced regularly, even if there are no visible problems.



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