Used Car Bank Financing

Car loan approved stampMark’s Auto Sales’ financing department also has used car bank financing available with several national banks. Bank financing programs vary and can fluctuate with the lending markets but are a great car financing option for those who qualify.  Your sales person will discuss your options after you complete your credit application, or if you have already discussed and gotten a preapproval for financing from you bank, please let our sales person know when you come in for your appointment.

There are several benefits to those who can qualify for bank financing including

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Wider range of term options
  • Online payment portals
  • The ability to make a payment while doing your other banking

Who can qualify for buy here pay here bank financing?

Like the credit markets, banks fluctuate with the programs and qualifications for their automotive financing.  They may offer subprime financing along with their prime financing.  Our finance and sales managers keep in the loop and know what the banks are willing to approve and finance from month to month.  Generally, for used car bank financing, the biggest things they are looking at from applicants are:

  • Established credit. They are looking at your credit report and credit score.  This means a couple established trade lines over a duration of the past couple years with good payment history. If you had some hiccups with your credit in the past, they may be able to look past if you have been on time with payments in the past year.
  • Stability at work.  Whether you have fair credit, good credit, or excellent credit, your stability at work is key to having the income to make your monthly car payments.  Be sure to have your proof of income, such as your most recent paycheck stubs ready whenever you’re apply for auto financing.

Can I trade in my car when I have a bank financing deal?

Yes, we take trade ins.  It is also beneficial for you to trade in your old vehicle at the time of purchase as it reduces the sales tax of your purchase.  If that vehicle is financed with a bank and the trade in value is less than the amount left on the loan (this is the term, “negative equity”), the bank will add that difference into the new deal.  Learn more about used car trade in at Mark’s Auto Sales.

What if I have an approval from my own bank?

We can work with you – just let us know when you are making your appointment to apply and test drive our vehicles.  They will have given you a general guideline of approval, be sure to bring that along to your appointment.  You may opt to facilitate your own used car bank financing through your bank which will include taking the buyers order of your purchase to your bank along with any stipulations you require.  Or we can use our relationship with your bank, if established and may be able to attain a lower rate for you and cover the lending fees.  We can discuss this in more detail with you as this will vary by bank. Let’s get started…

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