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If you are in the market for your next vehicle, and want to trade in your current vehicle, Mark’s Auto Sales can help.

The Advantages of Used Car Trade In at Mark’s Auto Sales

Let’s face it, while selling your car “for sale by owner” may allow you to maximize the selling price, it comes with its own list of costs and disadvantages. Here’s how trading your car in at Mark’s Auto Sales will help save you time and effort.

  1. Less Sales Tax – When you trade in your vehicle, it reduces the total amount of sales tax that will be collected for your next vehicle. Sales tax is calculated on the net selling price, which is the sales price minus trade in value.
  2. Save the pain of FSBO/Craigslist – Selling a vehicle on your own comes with its own list of challenges. If you have someone like a friend, coworker or neighbor that wants to purchase your vehicle from you, wonderful. However, many opt to trade in a vehicle to avoid setting test drives with complete strangers, selecting meeting spots, and handling / verifying the authenticity of the buyers’ cash.
  3. Put money you would spend reconditioning the vehicle towards your new vehicle – If your vehicle needs a few things fixed and replaced, in order to sell it, you may choose to replace those items; replace worn tires, replace a broken windshield, perform the brake maintenance that is long overdue, etc. However, these expenditures aren’t going to significantly increase the value of the used car trade in.  Those repairs and replacements could easily cost you $1500-$2000, but would not cost the dealer as much to recondition on a trade in.  That money could make a significant addition to your down payment.  Between your down payment and trade in, you can significantly reduce the total amount you need to finance for your next vehicle.

What scenarios can we accept trade ins?

  1. You own your car outright and want to trade it in as part of a cash or financing deal
  2. You are a previous Marks’s Auto Sales customer and have a loan with META Financial Services.
  3. You have financing on a vehicle and will be trading it in for a vehicle that you will finance with bank or credit union financing.

Sorry, we cannot accept a used car trade in if you have financing with another lending institution and will be financing with buy here pay here.

3 Simple Steps to Trade-In Your Vehicle

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  1. Fill out the form below to let us know about your used car trade in and the needs for your next car, truck, van or SUV.
  2. We will follow up with you and can schedule an appointment where you can bring in your trade in for us to give you our trade-in offer, and show you vehicles that fit your transportation needs.
  3. Bring in your vehicle’s title, or if your vehicle is financed, write down the account number and name of your lending institution.

It’s Simpler Than Trying to Sell Your Vehicle Yourself

Hear What Other Customers Have Said About Used Car Trade In at Mark’s Auto Sales

Today I came to Marks Auto to trade in my car for something better they helped me a lot they were nice, kind and helped me with picking out a car. – Edward

My experience has always been good with Mark’s Autos. I’ve driven from Utah just to trade in a car. – Cody

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