Get Buy Here Pay Here Financing

  • Have you been denied used car financing at other dealerships?
  • Are you embarrassed by your credit score?
  • Have you had credit problems in the past, but you’re paying for it now?

If your credit is less than perfect, but you need a car, we have the solution for you. Buy here pay here financing means that we are not only your dealer, but we are the bank. Financing underwriting is confusing and frustrating, but even more so when you can’t explain to the underwriter about the bumps in your credit history. We are the home of the true buy here pay here financing, and have been financing customers like you since we opened in 1983.  We are the bank, and our program is designed for you to get approved and driving faster than other used car financing programs.

customer who was approved for bhph and car

So whether you have had…

  • a bankruptcy
  • repossession
  • foreclosure
  • late payments
  • debt collections
  • short credit history
  • low credit scores

… we can help!

We can finance customers who have had hiccups on their credit history because your job, local residence stability and your down payment are the most important considerations with buy here pay here.  In order to qualify, all you need is:

  • 6+ months employment at current or previous job
  • 2 years in area (or relocated by employer to Denver area)

We Offer Used Car Financing that you can trust!

Not All Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Are The Same.

Some are not actually locally owned businesses so you are still trying to prove your application to someone in another state.

Others are not established dealers.  They’re in business for a short term. You can spot a fly by night dealer, as they don’t even have online reviews or social media, because they’re not planning on being business for the long haul.

And then there are the buy here pay here dealers that do not report to the credit bureau, unless you miss a payment.  At Mark’s Auto Sales, we report your entire credit history to the credit bureau, which can benefit you when you make your buy here pay here car payments on time.  Ask around, a lot of other buy here pay here dealers do not report to the credit bureau!

Let’s Get You Approved for Used Car Financing!

To get approved, please schedule your appointment to meet with one of our sales associates.  Then be sure to bring in the following:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Most recent pay stub
  • A bill to you with your name and address from the past 30 days (or your current lease agreement)
  • Your address book to fill out eight personal references

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