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When looking for functionality, trucks fulfill many transportation needs of Colorado drivers.

10 of the Most Popular Reasons to Buy a Used Truck for Sale in Denver:

  1. Sports and the outdoors. Truck beds carry sporting equipment better. Muddy, slushy, or dusty sporting equipment or gear? Trucks are easier to clean than an SUV.
  2. DIY-ers. If you frequent the home improvement stores or lumber yard, a truck will be far more helpful than your SUV or wagon. Landscaping items (mulch, potting soil, plants), lumber, etc travel better in a truck bed.
  3. Pet owners. Trucks are a great vehicle options for those with large dogs, or multi-dog families. Accessories can be added to the rear row of a truck for a dog(s) to travel safely in the second row, or add a topper and a few dog beds and keep muddy paws away from your upholstery after a hike.
  4. Four wheel drive comes in handy for winter commutes and taking the road less traveled to get you places you need to get to, and explore more places you want to.
  5. Whether you have found yourself moving a few times, or know people who do, everyone needs a friend with a truck, especially when it’s time to move a mattress or couch!
  6. Good for work. If you work in a trade, you know that trucks are synonymous with the trade. Pack in your tools, pick up supplies, commute with the whole crew, a truck is your best transportation option.
  7. Towing capacity. A full-size truck provides exceptional towing compared to cars and most SUVs. Pack up a u-haul, drop a boat off at the reservoir, or tow some four-wheelers to the trailhead, a truck will tow them best.
  8. Better visibility of the road. The higher vantage point from a truck allows a driver to see further ahead to see braking vehicles ahead, or obstructions further ahead in the road.
  9. The larger vehicle adds size and weight to your advantage when another vehicle collides with you. If given the option of being in a truck or a compact car when an SUV hits you, which do you think will receive less damage?
  10. Active lifestyles. Active Coloradoans often have a few vehicle needs/features between 4WD, towing capabilities, and the bed for sporting equipment, trucks are a great option for a variety of active lifestyles.

Considerations for Selecting the Right Used Truck for Sale in Denver

Popular truck manufacturers have a variety of options allowing you to find the right sized truck for your needs.

There are three general categories of trucks: compact, full-sized, and heavy duty. Compact trucks include the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and Toyota Tacoma, and have a smaller footprint, making it easier to fit in a standard sized garage.   Full-size or half ton trucks usually have the designation “1500” in the case of the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Ram, and “150” in Ford’s terminology.  Heavy duty trucks have added horsepower and torque for towing, whether it be a boat, livestock, or a trailer of building and construction equipment.

The first consideration when buying a used truck for sale in Denver is the size of the truck’s cab.  How many passengers do you need to fit? A regular cab with one row of seats will fit two or three adults depending on the console/armrest configuration.  If you periodically need room for more passengers, and extended cab adds room for additional passengers with a second row, albeit with limited legroom.  A crew cab truck will provide the most space for second-row passengers.

Trucks beds come with different size options as well, with different vehicle manufacturers producing short, standard, or long bed versions of different vehicles.  For those who might be using this truck for work, DIY projects, or loading it up with boxes or sporting equipment, the truck bed is a consideration.  Depending on the vehicle model, the length of a standard, long or short bed varies.  Long beds are usually about eight feet in length, short beds are approximately five feet, and standard beds for many manufacturers are about six feet.  As you can imagine a long bed truck may be your best option for DIYers or contractors needing to fit full sheets of plywood or drywall, or landscaping products by the cubic yard.

Trucks probably have the most options for aftermarket customizations to make it functional for your truck needs. Add a topper, treetop tent, truck bed cover, toolbox, plastic or sprayed on bed liners, etc to make your truck better fulfill what you purchased your truck for.

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New inventory arrives at our Lakewood Colorado dealership weekly, and some of our used trucks for sale may not yet be listed on the website.  Let us know your truck and transportation needs, and we’ll connect you with the truck and financing to complete your deal.

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Mark’s Auto Sales was amazing They absolutely bent over backwards to get me into the truck of my dreams. Great people to work with. They know what they are doing! Everyone should come to here for a vehicle. I’ll be back when it’s time for my next vehicle. Samantha H.

I have been searching for a truck for the last few months and felt like I had been to every dealership in Colorado. Today I started driving up Colfax from Simms Street and promised myself I was not going home or back to work until I was able to drive my own car. I was shot down by Drive Time and many other car lots until I got to Mark’s Auto Sales. After 5 minutes of talking my stress and anxiety was gone and I had a smile on my face. I felt like all hope had came back into my life. I knew god has sent me here. I looked around and could see so much love and respect throughout the whole building. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am going to tell everyone about this place. Thanks again to everyone who helped my life become more complete. Jeremy L.


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