Financing for First Time Car Buyers

Hundreds of Denver area drivers have purchased their first vehicle at Mark’s Auto Sales.

What type of first time buyer are you?

As a first time car buyer, you may have established some credit lines in your credit history.  Many young adults have a couple of hiccups in their credit history (such as late payments or carrying a balance) as they manage credit card payments, and a range of expenses for their first time, while trying to establish themselves into a career.  People looking for financing for first time car buyers are often frustrated that these credit lines lead to a poor or fair credit rating, when they need a vehicle and financing.

Other first time buyers have not established credit.  These buyers may have opted to use cash or a debit card rather than open credit, as a way of managing their spending.  While they may be careful with budgeting and planning, their credit bureau reports don’t reflect this as there are no credit lines where their financial credibility is being reported.

Other first time buyers have established some good credit lines, making on time payments and not over extending their credit. While their credit score may be rated good or excellent, underwriters are still considering that they have a short credit history or only have a couple of credit lines which can exclude them from financing for first time car buyers approval.

Options for financing for first time car buyers at Mark’s Auto Sales

When in the market for a used car, nearly 53% of used car buyers need financing.  A vehicle is one of the largest purchases one will make outside of buying a home. Fortunately, as a first time buyer, whether you have less than perfect credit, or no credit at all, there are financing programs for first time buyers available.  Typically these first time buyer financing programs have higher interest rates, considering the lending risk of the less established credit of the car buyer.  The requirements for first time buyer programs vary with the credit markets.

As a customer at Mark’s Auto Sales, not only do we offer buy here pay here, but we also have bank and credit union financing available.  Our finance manager keeps up to date with current finance programs offered by the banks and credit unions, and will evaluate your application to determine what financing you will qualify for.

By getting financed with a bank, buy here pay here, or credit union program, you will have the opportunity to build or improve your credit by making auto financing payments.  Even if you are financed with buy here pay here financing at Mark’s Auto Sales, you will have the opportunity to build your credit history as we report to the credit bureau, as you would expect from bank and credit union financing programs.

To Qualify For Financing:
Car driver woman

  • 6+ months employment at current or previous job
  • 2 years in area (or relocated by employer to Denver area)
  • Driver’s license
  • List of 8 personal references
  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • Proof of residence (a bill to you at your address, dated within the last 30 days)

Our Previous First Time Car Buyers Say It Best
Great place to buy a car for a first time buyer.  The people here are awesome and willing to work with you.  Our salesmen did an excellent job on setting us up with a new car.  They showed they really cared and were fun to work with.  – Angie and Mark

As a first time car buyer here, I have to say that our salesman was very helpful, he exceeded our expectations and he kept his promise about making sure that we left satisfied. His customer service was 100% and I will definitely recommend. – Jonathan and Priscilla

Our salesman was great working with my son a 18 year old a first time buyer. He was very helpful and supportive and answered a lot of questions I really appreciated his work. – Daniel P

I had no credit and my salesman did everything in his power to get me in a  car. At first I thought he was just telling me he could help me like all the other dealerships but no I was wrong! He said yes and it was a yes. Marks Auto is a great place, everyone is friendly and willing to help anyone. If you need a car come to Mark’s Auto! Thank you. – Marcianna

How Can We Help You Find Your First Car at Mark’s Auto Sales?



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