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Mark’s Auto Sales is a member of CU Direct Connect, aka “CUDC”, connecting used car buyers to credit union auto loans with over 35 participating credit unions in Colorado.  We have a variety of vehicles eligible for credit union car loans in Denver.  Best of all, we can make it easy for you, whether or not you’re already a member of a credit union to get credit union financing in one stop at our dealership.

What is a credit union?

As CU Direct Connect explains, a credit union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. Rather than paying profits to stockholders as a bank does, excess earnings are applied to lower interest rates on loans, and the development of new products and services that members have requested.

Why finance with a credit union auto loan in Denver?

Credit unions provide their own distinct advantages for car buyers. As a not for profit financial entity, excess earnings result in lower interest rates on their loans for eligible buyers. As a local lender, their loan programs and promotions are based on the lending needs they’ve seen in their community. The Colorado credit unions that are a part of CUDC have made it easy for eligible buyers to find credit union auto financing, and join a credit union while shopping for a car at Mark’s Auto Sales, a participating dealer.

Am I eligible for Credit Union membership?

If you are not already a member of a credit union, we can help find a local credit union that you are eligible to join. Credit union membership is available based on your residence city, county, employer, school, association, organization, or place of worship.

Can I trade in my car when I purchase with a Credit Union Auto Loan?

Yes, we accept trade-ins.  A trade-in will also reduce the sales tax that will be collected with your vehicle purchase, making it even more advantageous for you.  If your trade in is currently financed, and the trade in value is less than the amount on the loan, that difference will be financed in the new deal. Learn more about used car trade in at Mark’s Auto Sales.

What type of credit score do I need to get credit union financing?

The great interest rates offered by credit unions aren’t available for every credit score. As explains, “Credit unions are generally much smaller and have far fewer financial resources than do most commercial banks. Therefore, they must invest their members’ deposits and savings wisely. Credit unions usually require that members demonstrate considerable credit worthiness before they will approve a car loan application. This is the trade-off for the very low interest rates they offer in their automobile loan packages.”

What do I need for financing approval?

The same stipulations for bank or buy here pay here financing are also needed for a credit union auto loan.  If you bring in the following items, our finance specialists will check which automotive financing programs are available for you, be it credit union, bank, or buy here pay here financing.

  • Driver’s license
  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • List of references
  • Proof of residence (a bill addressed to you within past 30 days, or your lease)

Your First Step for Credit Union Auto Loan Approval

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