When you close on your used car loan at Mark’s Auto Sales

Lately we’ve all been hearing the economic news for the United States.  It has many Americans as well as car buyers nervous because they don’t know how the news will affect them.

Making a car purchase is a big decision and we thought we would clear some frequently asked questions about car payments and interest rates.

When you buy your car at Mark’s Auto Sales you will determine what you can afford for your payments to make sure you can get in a car that you can afford to buy.

When the paperwork is ready you will sign the contract and buyer’s order.  Take a look at the payment, interest rate, and due dates.  These will never change.  They will be the same throughout your entire loan.

Yes, you can make your payments in advance or make a larger payment so you can pay off your loan faster.

But when your payment reads $150 twice a month it will not go up.  As long as you make your payments on time, you will know exactly when you will pay off your car loan too.  We have automatic payment systems that you can have your credit card or ATM card pay your car payment on its due date, without you having to make your payment in person.

Be sure to ask your questions about buying a car and getting a car loan when you come in to Mark’s Auto Sales.

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