Make your payments and be eligible to trade up

Have you heard that you can build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales when you make your payments on time?

Make your car loan payments on time. Not only will you build your credit beacon score, but you will build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales.

When you build your credit with Mark’s Auto Sales after 18-24 months we can trade you into another vehicle.  Need something bigger, your credit at Mark’s Auto Sales will help you get into the larger car, van or SUV.  Want something newer?  You have more options once you’ve built your credit with our buy here pay here dealership.

Best of all you will start with a new loan with either our dealer financing program or a bank program if you qualify.  You will not have to carry over your balance from your last car and trade in when you trade in and buy again at Mark’s Auto Sales.  We appreciate those customers that work hard to make their payments on time and we want to help them out!

If you are looking to become a new customer and purchase your first used vehicle from us, or are a repeat customer interested in trading in, please call us at 303-592-7725 so we can help you!

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