Sizing up the Honda Fit Wagon

When Honda introduced the Fit, a small but very efficiently built wagon, it was well regarded for its efficiency getting whatever cargo you need with you to “fit.”

After folding down the seats and pulling out the measuring tape, for a second-generation Honda Fit GE, we brought in stock, we agree!

First, the clearance of the back tailgate is 35 3/8″

The width of the cargo area is a consistent 40″

When the back seats are folded up, there is 27 3/4″ space from the back seat to the tailgate.

With the back seats folded down, there is 56″ from the front edge of the folded seat to the tailgate.  The rear row of seats folds down tight and efficiently, laying completely flat.  There is 3″ of space, between the folded back seat and the back of the center console.  (If you have a dog who rides in the back with the seats down, there isn’t a rear passenger footwell for them to roll into during sudden braking).

While from the outside, the fit is a compact wagon, perhaps the most impressive aspect is the clearance for cargo when seats are folded down.  The maximum ceiling height from the cargo floor to the ceiling (with the seats folded down) is 39″.  Unlike many vehicles, the floor is sunk 5 5/8″ from the bottom of the tailgate clearance to maximize the floor to ceiling space.

As a compact wagon, it doesn’t have a lot of clearance like crossovers and SUVs have.  It’s great for fitting sporting goods, pets, a large Costco grocery run, etc.  If your sporting goods take you off the paved roads, with the low clearance you will want to weigh your options, if an SUV, truck, or crossover is more suited for your needs.

The vehicle pictured is a 2010 Honda Fit, Stock # 10923.

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