When is my first car payment after purchase?

Red Bow On FingerIf you financed your used car purchase, you’re well aware that you will be needing to make payments.  Regardless of whether you purchased your vehicle from Mark’s Auto Sales with buy here pay here financing, or other financing like bank or credit union, or if you purchased from another dealer, you will find your paperwork from the closing helpful to figure out your payment date.

On the buyer’s order and “mortgage” you will find the financing details including the first payment date, the amount of your payments, and the frequency of your payments (along with details about how many total payments, and your interest rate).

If you purchased with buy here pay here financing with Mark’s Auto Sales, and you don’t want to try to keep track of each payment, you can make your payments online manually, or set them to recur with our PortalPay system.  Please contact your Mark’s Auto Sales account rep in order to get started with the PortalPay system if you haven’t used it already.

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