Seven Contacts You’ll Certainly Need at One Point if You’re a Colorado Driver

Whether you’re a Colorado native, or recently made your way here, there are a few resources you need to keep on hand if you’re driving in our wonderful state. Favorite this post or save the resources so you have them when you need them next!

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1. CDOT 511 Road Information Hotline

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This is a must have number to remember year-round (or you can save it in your phone as 303-639-1111). The Colorado Department of Transportation updates the message hourly with road conditions, closures, and delays for highways throughout the state. It’s your best friend if you need to check on winter road conditions, but you’ll find it helpful year round to avoid highway delays caused by construction or accidents.



2. Colorado State Patrol’s *CSP

An aggressive driver puts other drivers and passengers at risk when they speed, weave through traffic, or follow too closely. And it always seems like a cop is never there when someone is driving aggressively. But you can help make roads safer without escalating these drivers. When you can safely dial *CSP and give the dispatcher the vehicle description and license plate number, the location including the road and direction they were traveling. The dispatcher will share this information with local officers in the area and will contact the driver if there are multiple reports of that driver.

3. RTD Park-n-Ride

The RTD Park-n-Ride lots are a great way to save yourself the trouble of driving through traffic and parking, whether you use it as a commuter or for special events (including sports games, parades, and festivals). Some Park-n-Ride lots are free to park in, and others have fees. If your vehicle is registered within RTD boundaries, different rates apply than those who do not live within the boundaries. You can get all of the information about parking, and a map of Park-n-Ride locations.

4. Report Highway/Road Damage

When the calendar changes over to spring, so does the start of pothole season in Colorado. Potholes can quickly form during the freeze/melt cycle in the spring. If a pothole or other road damage is on a highway, they should be reported to the local CDOT office from this form (be sure to select the Highway Maintenance icon). If the road damage is within a public road/street/avenue, then it needs to be reported to the public works department for that municipality. These can be found by inserting the city with the following Google search: “report road damage <city>”

5. Air Care Colorado

If you live within Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, Broomfield, Jefferson, or certain parts of Larimer and Weld counties your vehicle needs to pass required Emissions testing before you can register or renew your tag for your vehicle. Vehicles less that are less than seven years old do not need an emissions test. Find the nearest testing location at Alternatively, you can plan to drive past their roadside Rapid Scan emissions locations set up throughout the metro area/front range so that you don’t have to bring your vehicle in to a testing center. Read more about the Rapid Scan program details.

6. Smoking Vehicle Hotline

So you made the effort to make sure that your vehicle passes emissions testing from item #5. What do you do when you see a vehicle with excessive smoking exhaust? There’s a hotline number to call! You can report smoking vehicles to Colorado’s Smoking Vehicle Hotline: 303-692-3211 / Be sure to include its license plate number (and, if possible, whether it is gasoline- or diesel-powered).


7. Colorado DMV Locations

Last and probably the most important… Keep your license plates and driver’s license up to date. There are DMV locations that have driver’s license services. County offices have title and registration services, but not driver’s license services. Here is a helpful map to find the correct DMV office location for your needs.

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