Infographic: 7 Tips for Bike Safety for Riders

It feels like summer, and more bicyclists are taking to the roads, making it a good time to remind drivers and bicyclists alike of some safety tips to prevent car-bike collisions. In fact June is Colorado Bike Month and Colorado Bike to Work Day is coming up on Wednesday June 28, 2017.

This infographic, which is part one in a two part series, is aimed to remind bicyclists of bike safety tips and habits that can prevent an accident when sharing roads with traffic or riding in a bike lane. Bike safety is a concern for everyone.  Colorado is the #14 state for per capita fatality rates for cyclists (source).  Hit and run crashes, with one party fleeing the scene, represent 22 percent of bicycle crashes in Denver. Denver’s hit and run crash rate is double the national average of 11 percent, though in line with other major cities” (source).

Bicyclists can prevent accidents by avoiding bad habits like riding two abreast when there isn’t a bike lane or wide enough shoulder, or being distracted by phones or music.

Bicyclists can also make sure they’re more visible to drivers.  Bright colors of bicycling clothing help a rider’s visibility during daytime hours, and reflective clothing help their visibility in the dawn, dusk and evening hours.  Eyes are attracted by motion.  Bright colored socks, or reflective fabric on the shoes, socks or riding pants and legs will attract a driver’s eyes and attention from further distances.  Headlights and a red rear light are required for riding in the dusk or evening hours, but have been proven to reduce accidents when used during the daytime.  Like daytime running lights on cars, drivers’ eyes are attracted to the light and recognize the bicyclist from a further distance than a bicyclist without a headlight or red rear light during daytime hours.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a recreational rider, a bike commuter, or just taking your family out for a neighborhood bike ride, it is important that you, your children, and your riding partners to take note in bicycle safety tips to prevent accidents.  Next up in our series are tips for drivers to reduce bike-car accidents.

Infographic with Bike Safety Tips for Riders
Tips for Riders to Safely Share the Road with Drivers

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