Colorado car owners looking to save a little gas

With gas prices over $3.50/gallon throughout the Denver metro area, many drivers are concerned with how gas prices will cut into their budgets as it had in 2008.

Like many Americans, Coloradoans are very attached to their cars and find it hard to just go without it as our cities are more spread apart and public transportation options are still nowhere close to the mass transit subway lines of NYC, Boston, Washington DC, and other countries in the world.

So being a bit gas conscious myself, here are a few tips I consistently read, to save a few miles per gallon.  And it will hopefully save you a few dollars when filling up your car at the gas pump.

  • If you keep a lot of things in your car or truck, you may want to clear them out, especially if you don’t need them on a daily basis.  Take the sporting equipment out of the SUV unless you’re on your way to practice.  It takes extra gas to take the extra weight along with you.
  • Keep that vehicle tuned up.  When your car is running clean its more efficient.  Keep up with maintenance schedules for your car or truck.
  • Plan your errands and driving schedule at the beginning of the day or week.  Rather than constantly jumping in the car to get this or that, plan your errands around eachother.  Try to hit a few errands on your way to an appointment rather than going out of your way for each one.  You could save both time and money.

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