Are you a Toyota owner? Do you have questions?

For weeks now Toyota owners have heard about the Toyota recall and accidents when an accelerator took off with the driver out of control.  The causes of this anomaly have not been entirely clear either.  Initially the vehicle’s floormats were pointed at as the only issue, but evidence now suggests that wear of the acceleration mechanism, increased stickiness of the pedal and possibly the electrical system are at fault.  Certainly a Toyota certified mechanic can give you more insight about the recall, can inspect your vehicle, and answer specific questions.  Certainly many owners, who purchased their vehicle based on Toyota’s reputation for reliability and safety are thinking twice if they should continue driving their vehicles until the problem has entirely been corrected.  As many Toyota vehicles are still on the road, an important thing to know if your Toyota, or any vehicle for that fact accelerates uncontrollably, is how to regain control of the vehicle.  Thank you to an article in the Huffington Post for sharing this from Toyota:”What should you do if your car suddenly accelerates? Here are three ways to stop the vehicle, according to Toyota:_ Step on the brake pedal with both feet using firm and steady pressure. Do not pump the brakes._ Shift the transmission gear selector into neutral. Use the brakes to make a controlled stop by the side of the road._ If you’re unable to put the vehicle in neutral, turn off the engine. This will cut off power assist to the steering wheel and brakes, but as long as the key is in the ignition, you will still be able to steer and brake. If you have an engine start/stop button, press it firmly for three seconds to turn the engine off. Do not tap it. If you have a conventional key ignition, turn the ignition key to the ACC position. Do not remove the key from the ignition.”In case if you haven’t taken a look at the models and vehicle years that are being recalled, you can find them listed here.We hope you found this information insightful.  As information relevant to the car industry becomes available, Mark’s Auto Sales strives to be your trusted source for insight as a car owner.  Thank you.

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