7 Tips to Prevent Your Car or Possessions in Your Car, From Being Stolen

Did you know that a thief may be able to get away with your vehicle in less than a minute? It is a good reminder for all of us to be a little more conscious of our vehicle and its contents, after watching this ABC News special.

Ask around and you will hear tips on how to prevent your car from being stolen.  So we decided to accumulate some of the best tips we’ve heard over the years…

10 Tips to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

1. Roll Up All the Windows

As we saw, it is way too easy for an expert to break into your car with a cracked window, using tools or just their bare hands.  Roll up those windows to prevent a quick break in.

2. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

For thieves wandering through parking lots deciding their next conquest, the potentially valuable item left visible to a passerby can draw a lot of attention.  Some women prefer to leave their purse and just take their pocketbook and phone with them into a store.  However a purse that doesn’t have it’s phone or wallet, looks the same on the outside as one that does. Laptop bags and briefcases can also draw the attention of thieves.

Increased thefts from parking lots usually increase during the holidays.  Enthusiastic shoppers frequently go from store to store, mall to mall, before returning home to start wrapping.  A thief casing out a parking lot will notice the bags or boxes of electronics being dropped off in your car, as you return to round two in your local mall.  Be aware of who is watching you.

3. Park in Crowded Areas

Most malls and shopping centers have at least a few security cameras focused on the parking lot.  Breaking into a car is too obvious in high traffic areas of a parking lot, that also have the watchful eye of security.

4. Avoid Using a Magnetic Hide A Key

A Hide A Key is convenient to the forgetful, but also for a thief.  Just checking a couple of common places where people place the magnetic key holder, they can not only get into your car, but drive off with it too.

5. Check Your Glovebox for a Valet Key

Do you have a newer car?  Have you ever looked through your owner’s manual?  Check within your glovebox that the valet key is not sitting in there.  While a valet key will not unlock a trunk, it will allow anyone who has it, to drive off with your vehicle.

6. Hit The Lock Button on Your Car Door vs The Key Fob

You may have heard about devices used by thieves – code grabbers or remote signal blockers that are maliciously used to get into your vehicle, even when you think that you locked it secure with your key fob.  Click the lock button as you exit your vehicle, and you’ll be certain that the door locked.

7. Don’t Find Your Car On Cinder Blocks

If you have alloy wheels or upgraded rims, make sure they’re not easy for anyone with a jack and a lug wrench to steal hundreds or thousands of dollars of equipment, right out from underneath your vehicle.  Get a set of wheel locks or anti-theft lug nuts to make your tires and rims difficult to steal.

Have any tips on how you deter thieves from your vehicle and vehicle contents.  Please share them!

Should your car ever be stolen, give the police a call, then give us a call.  If you are still making payments on a car financed by us, we may be able to track the vehicle’s GPS and help law enforcement locate the vehicle.

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