5 Websites to Beat Denver Traffic

Morning Rush Hour Image courtesy of FreeDigitalArt.com & "EA"
Image courtesy of FreeDigitalArt.com & “EA”

Not a big fan of sitting in a long line of taillights?  I’m sure you’re not the only one.  The Denver metro area is a popular place to live, which has brought tens of thousands of people to the area to live.  And brings more people to share the roads with.  If you have the luxury of being able to adjust your daily commute times, be sure to keep an eye on these helpful sites to monitor the traffic before you head out.

  • Sigalert – the Denver map has estimates on the speed and traffic volume along main highways in the area.
  • 9News – the local news station has a webpage with a visualization of the traffic volume on highways and main roads if you’re trying to plan an alternate route.
  • Here.com – the here.com map is convenient like the previous two, but an added benefit is the sign up for traffic notifications.
  • Denver Gov – these traffic cameras are helpful if you’re planning your trip through Denver, and some of the major intersections that cause the greatest delay.
  • CoTrip.org – The Colorado Department of Transportation website has information about interstate and highway routes including information about weather, construction and traffic alerts.  They also have a traffic information phone line and a mobile app.

Do you have a routine to plan your commute or route to reduce the traffic?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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