We’ve Moved

Moving is never easy, and then add in the logistics of running daily business…! We want to be sure you can contact us and we can assist you with any questions. Our new dealership and sales location is: 4939 W Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80204 The new administrative offices for Mark’s Auto Sales and META … Read more

Six Feet is Easier Here Than Here

  Having a car has been a symbol of freedom since most of us were 16 years old. Now it’s also a symbol of safety. Whether you’re traveling to your essential work, or collecting food, prescriptions, and essential supplies for your household, traveling in your own vehicle reduces your exposure to others who may have … Read more

Meet the sales staff at Mark’s Auto Sales

Meet the sales staff at Mark’s Auto Sales. We are a team of seven working to get you approved and driving today! Meet Tommie, Jose, Bruce, Armando, Cristina, Curtis, and Isaiah. We’ve come together to help car buyers like you get the vehicle and financing that fit your budget and transportation needs. Credit problems? We … Read more

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